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Custom Orders

While I keep stock on hand to sell at shows, I really enjoy making bespoke items for my customers. My regular stock includes slimline and comfort grip pens and pencils, fountain pens, drawing pencils, fridge magnets, kaleidoscopes, and key fobs. I can make any of those items to a customer's specifications.

You choose the silhouette, wood species, and hardware color from the available options and I make up your order and mail it to you. If I have the parts in stock to make your item there is no extra charge for custom orders. If you would like a wood species that I don't have or would like to have me make a type of item I don't usually carry then I will send you a quote for your request and we can go from there. See my policies for more details on how to request a custom order.

Examples of previous custom orders


Custom cherry barrels Custom color band pens Custom comfort set in purpleheart Custom trimline pens Cigar Pen in Brazilian Cherry


Four variations on a bookstand Four knitting spools in different woods

Making Memories

Pens, pencils, presentation boxes, and kaleidoscopes from wood with a story.

I can make a memory item using a piece of wood from a place or time that is special to you.

In most cases it takes only a small section of wood to make one of our products.

Examples of things I can use to make custom memory items:

Contact me with your ideas for a memory you can hold in your hand.

I will consult with you about the specific requirements that the wood needs to meet and have you send me your piece. If there is a choice of hardware options for the item you select, I will have you pick your favorite.

I will turn, polish, and assemble your item and ship it back to you, ready to be used to make more memories.

Please make sure to read my Policies before contacting me with any questions.