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Made to Order: Trimline Chrome Pens

This customer saw a particular pen shape he liked, but wanted a specific metallic finish and wanted to use a dark wood. I chose to make two pens-- one in Wenge and one in Ebony-- to offer my customer a choice. The customer specifically wanted the shiny chrome finish on these pens.

Trimline Chrome Ebony

The Ebony pen contains a few reddish-blond spots, which show up in the picture. This is fairly typical for Ebony. Not seen in the photo, but visible on close physical inspection, are some very light remnants of tool marks between the clip and the center band. To my eye, they do not detract from the overall appearance of the pen.

Trimline Chrome Wenge

The Wenge pen came out very nicely. Wenge is characterized by very sharp contrast between the light brown and dark brown stripes. As is typical for Wenge, there are a few spots (exaggerated by the lighting in this photo) where there is a slight depression in the surface due to the natural variation in the wood. These depressions can be felt if you drag a fingernail across the spot, but not during normal use of the pen.