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Custom Pen and Pencil Set

Cherry Pen/Pencil Set and Cedar Box, Separate The Cherry Pen/Pencil Set beside the Cedar Box. The box has been sanded but has had no finish applied. It retains the classic aroma of cedar. Note the small natural striation in the upper barrel of the pencil.

Cherry Pen/Pencil
      Set in Cedar Box The Cherry Pen/Pencil Set in the Cedar Box. I am very pleased with how well the colors of the two woods go together.

Cherry Pen/Pencil The other side of the Cherry Pen and Pencil. Note that the natural striation on the upper barrel of the pencil is more visible on this side.

Cherry Pencil,
      close-up A close-up of the natural striation on the off side of the upper barrel of the pencil. You can feel this slightly with a fingernail or if your fingertips are sensitive, but it should not affect the durability of the pencil. It is not in a location where you would handle the pencil.

Cedar Box, closed The Cedar Box, closed, with the pen/pencil set inside.