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Custom: Comfort Pen and Pencil in Purpleheart

This customer wanted a pen/pencil set, in the Comfort style, made of Purpleheart, using a gunmetal finish. In that style, my pen parts supplier offers that finish as "Black T/N" (for Titanium Nitride), a high-durability metal finish. The "T/N" is embossed into the clip of the pen and pencil.

Often, when I'm making a bespoke item, I order enough supplies to make two or more. This gives my customers a choice, and gives me some leeway to either make mistakes or be creative. And it expands my inventory.

Both Purpleheart Pairs

This photo shows both purpleheart pairs, completed. Although it is difficult to see in this photo, the tag on the left is set "A" and the tag on the right is set "B".

Set A Closeup
Closeup of Set A.

Set B Closeup
Closeup of Set B.

This customer also wanted a presentation box to go with this pair off pens. At the time these pens were ready, I had presentation boxes for pairs available in five species: Cedar, Cherry, Maple, Tigerwood, and Walnut.
Closed presentation
Presentation boxes in five species. Clockwise from top right: Walnut, Tigerwood, Cherry, Maple, and Cedar. The Walnut box has a slightly natural corner (reflecting light in the picture). The Cedar box is unfinished and comes with a small piece of sandpaper so the customer can refresh the aroma.

Set A in Walnut box
Set A in the Walnut box.

Set B in Tigerwood
Set B in the Tigerwood box.

Set B in Cherry
Set B in the Cherry box.

Set A in Maple box
Set A in the Maple box.

Set B in Cedar
Set B in the Cedar box.