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Pandora House Crafts makes fine art you can use every day by using up-cycled and reclaimed woods to create pens, pencils, seam rippers, and desk toys.(current price list)

Featured Item: Comfort Pen and Pencil Sets

Comfort grip pen and pencil set.

Comfort pen and pencil sets have a wider middle band than the slimline models. This allows for a wider barrel the full length of the pen or pencil that can be more comfortable to hold. Combined with a presentation box the sets make excellent gifts.


I prefer to work "sit-and-sell" shows where I can interact directly with my customers. I'm especially interested in shows between Seattle and Arlington, and as far east as Monroe or Fall City. If you know of an upcoming craft show or holiday bazaar relatively close to me, I'd love to hear about it.

Norwescon 2017

Stock display 2017

Trunk Shows

Photos and web descriptions are poor substitutes for seeing the product with your own eyes, and touching it with your own fingers. Because my products are handmade, there are subtle variations in texture, shape, and color that are best experienced in person. If you live within about an hour's drive of zip code 98155, I can bring my products to you.

The trunk show includes my current stock of various styles of pens, plus my interactive pen bar and my key fobs which can be personalized on site. I usually also bring samples of my other items. The trunk show can take as little as about 15 minutes, or it can be a part of a larger event you are hosting.

A cover charge, payable in advance via PayPal, will be fully credited toward any purchases made at your trunk show but is not otherwise refundable. The cover charge is based partly on driving time to your location and partly on how long you want me to be on site.

Contact me to discuss arranging a trunk show. Evening and weekend slots are generally available throughout the year. Occasional daytime slots during the week may be available by special arrangement.